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SMITMAR Marine and Cargo Surveys B.V. is an independent survey company specialized in surveys related to over water shipments, road transport and air freight. These surveys concern marine and cargo surveys referring to cargo damage and claims. The goal of our surveys is to provide our principals the right tools to settle any claim.

We were founded in 2002 and are based in the centrally located city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From here we do surveys all over The Netherlands, Belgium and every other country if there is a necessity for a decent survey.

In order to offer you a wide scale of good surveys, SMITMAR works only with experienced senior surveyors with the required skills and know-how in the field of marine and cargo surveying. The surveys focus on investigation into the cause and extent of damage to a wide range of cargo and commodities, such as reefer cargo, general cargo and bulk cargo.

After our surveys we initially issue a preliminary survey report with a brief description of our first findings of the incident. After all relevant information has been collected, we will provide a final survey report so that our principals have the right tools to settle the claim. We can also offer our services for example for condition surveys, surveys on documents, second opinions, arbitration and more. See for information of all our services the services page


Marine and Cargo Surveys B.V

P.O. Box: 85178
3009 MD Rotterdam, 
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 10 441 46 46
E-mail: office@smitmar.nl

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